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eNetViet - is an online information connection application between Family and School.
With target:
- Connecting information online in the industry.
- Improve the quality of online information exchange. Helping parents update the latest and most complete information about their children's learning situation anytime, anywhere.
- Towards a friendly teaching environment, with two-way interaction, creating a close connection between the family and the school in managing the learning situation of students.

So, what is special about eNetViet?
* For Managers:
- Look up Contacts online.
- Send/Receive announcements, executive information, industry documents.
- Send/Receive, Look up real-time reports, education statistics by grade level.
- Online attendance at meetings and conferences by QR code.

* For School Teachers:
- Input transcripts, daily comments and other data from the education management information system.
- Connect with parents of students through sending/receiving notifications, responding by text messages, multimedia messages, online chat on the application.
- Upload and share meaningful images and activities of the school, class and dear students to create a cohesive community.
- Post notice of class schedule, study plan, exam schedule of the class; sharing knowledge and skills education experiences for students with parents.
- Send study plan documents to PHHS.
- Conduct attendance, approve online leave applications and attendance statistics for students.

* For Parents of Students:
- Connect and chat with teachers in school/class.
- Take a break from online school for your child.
- Track your child's online attendance in class by day, each class.
- Capture your child's schedule, study plan, daily meal menu...
- Receive online announcements and news from the School.
- Send/receive students' files and homework.
- Look up your child's learning and training results online.
- Let's feel and keep the wonderful pictures and moments of your child at school.
And there are many other practical features and utilities.

* User support:
- Hotline: 1900 4740
- Email: [email protected]
- Website: http://enetviet.com
- Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mxhgd.netviet
- Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKbG5Ttb5u_BmQEKauR5xxA/about


BIG UPDATE: Tính năng “Kế hoạch học tập” trên eNetViet

Chào đón năm học mới, eNetViet trân trọng giới thiệu đến quý thầy cô và phụ huynh tính năng Kế hoạch học tập. Tính năng sẽ là hỗ trợ đắc lực cho công tác dạy học của nhà trường trong bối cảnh dịch covid-19 vẫn còn diễn biến phức tạp với những tiện ích như:
✓ Hỗ trợ Giáo viên soạn thảo, chỉnh sửa và giao bài tập về nhà cho học sinh.
✓ Học sinh nộp bài tập và nhận được ý kiến đánh giá, nhận xét trực tuyến

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