Saida - Separate & Track Your Money

Saida - Separate & Track Your Money


Saida is an easy way to separate, spend and track money for different uses from one account. It is a perfect alternative to writing down expenses, using Excel or having many accounts.

The magic of Saida comes from Pockets. A Pocket is a way to separate your money for related expenses. You can have a Pocket for Food, Transport, Side Hustles, Projects, Hobbies e.t.c You can create as many Pockets as you need. To use a Pocket, you add money to it using and then pay people, businesses & more directly from the Pocket.


Example - Side Hustles

If you run a Farming side hustle - when its time to pay the workers or pay at shops - you can pay them directly from the Farming Pocket. Have more than one side hustle? Just add a Pocket for it as well. You will clearly separate your personal money from your side hustle money. You can name your expenses and sales to help you remember e.g. Payment for Chicken Feeds, First Sale of Chicken.

You can also Lock money you've made for your hustles for 1 month - 6 months so you can stay disciplined and accumulate it to grow your hustles. You can have separate Lock accounts for your separate hustles.

Example - Personal Expenses

If you plan to spend 30,000 a month - you add money and allocate 10,000 to Food, 10,000 to Transport and the rest House Bills. When its time to pay Kenya Power, you can pay directly from the House Bills Pocket, when it is time to buy Fuel you can pay the Till directly from the Transport Pocket. You will easily understand where you over spend or where you underspend. This will bring you peace of mind.

Example - Projects

If you are running construction, renovations or similar projects where you pay workers, suppliers - you can have different Pockets of money for each project. Pay suppliers and workers from these Pockets and you will keep your spending clearly separated and accounted for. You can add notes to help you remember e.g. Payment for Cement

What can Pockets do?

Here is a list of things you can do with Pockets

* Add Money to them (M-Pesa, Bank)
* Pay People (M-Pesa)
* Pay Business (Till/Paybill)
* Pay To Bank Accounts
* Pay Bills (KPLC, DsTV, Zuku, Safaricom Fibre)
* Buy Airtime


Privacy and Permissions: Saida collects personal information about you that we use to determine your identify you, provide you the service and check loan eligibility - we use this information in accordance with our privacy policy which is listed on the details of this app. If you apply for a loan Saida will ask to scan your M-Pesa SMS, phone number, email address and national ID to verify your identity to comply with KYC (know your customer) regulations, creditworthiness checks. The privacy policy is also available within your app.

Loan Terms
Saida charges a service fee of 0 - 21% per month (APR 0% -252%) of the amount lent to you based on how we rate your creditworthiness. The amount can be repaid within 2.5 - 6 months and the schedule may vary depending on your credit rating. Late fees are not charged and a one time debt collection fee may be charged if your loan is later than 35 days. Additional Terms & Conditions may apply - you may see this on your Loans Page on Saida.

An example is if you borrow Ksh 1,000 for 7.5% fee for 2.5 months, you will repay Ksh 1,075 within 2.5 months. There are no penalties for early repayment. If you are late by more than 60 days, a penalty of 10% will be applied to the overdue amount. (Ksh 107.5) - no further penalties or charges will apply again.


If you face any challenges with the app, we're happy to help - email us at [email protected] You can also send us a direct message from the app

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