Skin-scan: Hand Protection

The application helps users form a habit of washing their hands.

Skin-scan: Hand Protection

Skin-scan: Hand Protection APK

1.0.2 Free3B Game Studio ⇣ Download APK ( 115M )

Let’s make fun with Skin-scan: Hand Protection app by showing your friends that you can scan gems on them. 🔎 This app aims to help you actively form a daily hand washing habit rather than to exactly detect bacteria and harmful substances present in your hands and body. 🖐️ 🖐️
🔎 Start scanning your skin with 3 simple steps:
1) Allow the app to access your photos and camera
2) Scan your hands under the app's camera
3) Wait a little for results, along with some friendly advices
Skin-scan: Hand Protection notices that you should wash your hands:
👉 every day 📆
👉 before eating 🍕
👉 when coming home from outside 🏡
👉 after shaking hands 🤝
👉 after working 🐾


⭐ Easy to use.
⭐ Share the results
⭐ Very effective and fast
⭐ Free, no limits
⭐ Tested with users
⭐ Totally safe for your health
⭐ Notice you to wash your hands everyday

All your information is 100% secured with us, as Skin-scan: Hand Protection respects your privacy.
Download Skin-scan: Hand Protection NOW – Best app ever!!! 💚

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Protect your hand, protect your family
Email : [email protected]

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