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Akciós újság és ajánlatok

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Akciós újság és ajánlatok

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Akciós újság és ajánlatok Android app
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With our application, you can view all current discount newspaper offers from smaller and larger store chains in Hungary. With the help of, you can find offers not only from grocery stores and supermarkets, but also from electronics stores, fashion stores, department stores, toy stores, pharmacies, and many other stores. In addition, we have listed most of the local shops! By clicking on the heart icon, you can also save your favorite stores so that you can always be the first to know about the promotions that are available in your favorite stores, however, you can put together a practical collection of the best discount newspapers.

Are you interested in a sale on a specific product? You can easily find them in the menu items of our application. In this way, you can see in which part of the promotional newspaper you can find the given product, at what price, and how long the promotion is still valid. In general, you can select a product from the pages of the discount newspaper with one click, after which you can order it from the online store. In addition, of course, you can save the offer of the best deals using our save function, which you can find at the bottom of the search engine. After that, you can easily look back at them later and compare them with products offered by other promotions.

Why choose the application
- This is the largest discount newspaper offers application in Hungary, presenting every week's newspaper!
- Application of the BEST online flyers for phone or tablet
- Always the latest weekly deals, published first
- National and regional offers in one
- New discount newspapers, popular offers, discount tips and soon-to-expire deals can also be viewed
- View flyers by category or store, or by selecting a theme
- See all your favorite promotions together, transparently
- View more promotions in the form of advertising newsletters, flyers, catalogs and weekly newspapers
- You can save our favorite offers, thereby creating your own shopping list
- You can access the location of the stores near you that are open NOW.

Featured stores:
1 ALDI discount newspaper and offers
2 Auchan discount newsletters and offers
3 Bauhaus discount newspapers and offers
4 Coop discount newspapers and offers
5 JYSK discount magazines and offers
6 LIDL discount newspapers and offers
7 Media Markt discount newspapers and offers
8 Müller discount newspapers and offers
9 Penny Market specials and offers
10 Pepco specials and offers

- Black Friday: Several stores have outstanding Black Friday sales, and flyers and special Black Friday offers appear with favorable Christmas offers. Most of all, countless extra flyers are published on Black Friday, including the Auchan Black Friday advertising newsletter, Pepco flyers, and the ALDI weekly newspaper.
- Christmas: In our Christmas category, you can view all the stores that publish sales at this time, in which special Christmas offers are available, or Christmas flyers and catalogs are displayed. This could be, for example, the publication of a Christmas advertising magazine by supermarkets, full of recipes related to the Christmas holiday, or the Christmas accessories of DIY stores and garden stores.

Since we are independent, we can find all discount newspapers nationally or locally, without any restrictions. Our motivated team is available online on a daily basis so that we can be the first to show you the latest discount newspaper offer. Since we don't publish any paper-based discount newspapers, we do it for the environment too! This is not only beneficial for the environment, but also for you.

Will you help us develop? Send us your comments, suggestions and questions to: [email protected] Of course, we also welcome your feedback!

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