Real Lottery Simulator

Real Lottery Simulator


It is a realistic lottery simulator.
Buy lottery tickets with the money you earned by working, and win prize to get a wealthy life!

You can spend all the money on the lottery.
Also, you can buy a lottery ticket for a small amount of money and enjoy shopping.

how to play
1. Let's work and make money first. Click the "Work" button to get your salary.
2. Buy lottery tickets.
3. When you work, the date in app advances. Work, and when the lottery date is reached, the winning numbers will be decided and matching the numbers of your tickets and the winning numbers will be confirmed automatically. If you win, you get money.
4. If you have enough money, go shopping.

There was a game where a player buys a lot of lottery tickets one by one, but there was no type of game that a player buys lottery tickets, keeps them and waits for the lottery date, so I made it.
You can simulate a more realistic purchasing of lottery tickets.

The Rule of the lottery in app
Choose 5 Normal Numbers from 1~68.
Choose 1 Great Number from 1~24.
If the numbers of your ticket matches the winning numbers, you receive prize.

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