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Circular Defense

Protect the core from the enemies approaching! Free arrangement tower defense!

Circular Defense

Circular Defense APK

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Circular Defense Android game
This app developed byPicola Inc.
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Update DateAug 30, 2020
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They are coming closer towards the core!
Tower defence with a flat design.

◆How to play-
✓ Enemies come attacking from all four directions towards the core in the centre.
✓ Homing? Piercing bullets? Choose a circle from 6 kinds of variations as you wish and make your own defence line!
✓ Choose a circle and arrange by swiping, tap to make turrets-they are all easy to operate!
✓ Use resources by attacking enemies and strengthen the circle! Make it stronger! It becomes easier to capture the stages!

✓ You can play so smoothly, whenever you have some spare time!
✓ Use strategy? Try to be funny? You can arrange any way you like.
✓ Timing of arranging the circle and timing of using turret are important factor of the battle.
✓ There are more than 50 stages waiting for you from easy ones to quite difficult ones.

◆recommended for...
✓ Those who are fans of tower defence or defending games
✓ Those who like strategy games that are very strategic
✓ Those who enjoy a smartphone games that bring training elements.
✓ Those who want an efficient app to kill time while commuting.
✓ Those who want to enjoy a game with simple rules.
✓ Those that are looking for casual games for free.

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