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AeroCaster Camera

Wireless Camera for AeroCaster

AeroCaster Camera

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AeroCaster Camera
This app developed byRoland Corporation
Update DateMay 26, 2022
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AeroCaster Camera app for the AeroCaster Live and AeroCaster Switcher apps turns your smartphone or tablet into a wireless livestreaming camera that can be used as a source for the AeroCaster LIVE or AeroCaster Switcher apps.

When used together, the AeroCaster Camera app, AeroCaster LIVE app, and VRC-01 AeroCaster hardware create a cable-free, multi-camera switcher system that livestreams to popular platforms over a wireless network.

The AeroCaster Camera app also works with the AeroCaster Switcher app to create a wireless multi-camera expansion for compatible Roland Video Switchers

Perfect for music performances, online talk shows, and live ecommerce, these budget-friendly livestreaming solutions use the devices you already own. Download the Camera app on up to four supported phones or tablets to turn them into streaming video sources.

- Connect phones and tablets to an iPad video switcher for a full-featured wireless production solution 
- Easily mount phones to capture hard-to-reach shots
- Control camera functions (focus, zoom, exposure, etc.) from the connected iPad

Download AeroCaster Camera app now and turn the devices you have into a professional setup to stream what you love.

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