'Smart National Report-Find Witnesses' is a public participation safety service that can easily and conveniently report various events and accidents around us.



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It is the National Police Agency's National Report App that anyone can easily report about various incidents and accidents happening around us.
You can report various crimes and report traffic violations through photos or videos, and the information is provided to related organizations.
The information you provide can be a reference or important clue to resolving an incident or incident. Please give a lot of information so that people can build a cooperative social safety net through active and voluntary participation.

[Main menu description]
1. I receive a report
: You can report incidents such as robbery, theft, fraud, and sexual violence posted by the police using photos, videos, and location information.
2. Report traffic violations
: Violation, retaliatory driving, runaway racing, traffic violations, violations of the central line, etc. can be easily reported using photos, videos, and location information.
3. Report Theme
: Police officers can report crimes that need a theme crackdown, such as violence between lovers (dating violence), child abuse, reporting sexual crimes against molestation, and reporting female anxiety.
4. Public Offenses
: You can check and report the wanted people, such as open arrangements and emergency arrangements.
5. Search for missing persons
: You can search for missing persons registered in the police, such as missing children, and report eyewitness information.
6. Tips
: Information on how to register for a report of the incident and a traffic violation report.
7. My report
: I can see the report and report.
8. My Page
: You can check and set my information, view interests, and register frequently.

In order to use the Smart People's Report "Find Witnesses" app, the following access rights are required.

[Essential Access Rights]
Phone authority: mobile phone status and user ID verification
Storage permission (Photo/Video/File): Access to photos, videos and files to report witnesses
Location authority: Violation location/violation location search

* Mandatory access authority is required for the'Smart National Report' service, and if the authority is denied, it may not operate normally.


1. 내부 갤러리 동영상 파일 첨부 시 동영상 편집화면으로 넘어갈 경우 첨부가 되지 않는 문제 수정
2. 내부 갤러리 동영상 촬영 후 워터마크 삽입 과정에서 동영상 퀄리티 조정하는 부분 제거
3. 내부 갤러리 동영상 촬영 후 촬영결과 화면에서 핸드폰을 가로로 돌린 후 확인 버튼을 누르면 애러가 발생하는 현상 수정

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