Local Weather Forecast-Live Weather Widget

Local Weather Forecast-Live Weather Widget

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Get information about today’s weather condition, including today’s temperature, rain forecast, precipitation, air quality index, and wind forecast. Learn about accurate weather forecast today, weather for tomorrow and for the next 3 days. Have you ever wondered “how I get accurate weather at my location anytime of the day and also weather for tomorrow?” Use our Local Weather Forecast & Weather Widget with the most accurate weather updates, hourly forecast, and lots of other important info about weather conditions that are not available on other weather widget apps.
If you travel often, it’s very important to know the weather condition of the place you will visit. You should have accurate weather updates and even hourly forecast with you. Wind and rain forecast, humidity, precipitation, and even Air Quality Index, are very important too!
-> ACCURATE WEATHER UPDATES: Get accurate weather updates about today’s temperature & weather forecast today. If you go to the Setting, you can also change the view to Current, Daily, and Hourly Forecast.
-> WEATHER FOR TOMORROW & NEXT 3 DAYS: Aside from knowing weather forecast today, you can learn about the weather for tomorrow and for the next 3 days (72 hours).
-> WIND FORECAST: Wind forecast is an important part of the weather condition that you must be aware of. Get info about wind speed and direction. You can view information for the speed of the Gusts.
-> AIR QUALITY INDEX: Pollution is a huge problem. Learn the Air Quality Index of any day at any location with our app. It includes a brief explanation about the current condition and how much of a threat it is.
-> RAIN FORECAST & PRECIPITATION: One of the weather condition that everyone wants to know if it’s going to rain or not. View the change of rain in your location and the relative humidity.
-> FEELS LIKE: sometimes the weather can feel hotter than the real today’s temperature. We will show you how the temperature feels like despite the real today’s temperature.
-> VISIBILITY: view the visibility range in your location to know whether it’s safe for you to drive or fly.
-> UV INDEX: view the UV index condition at your location with a colorful bar and explanation. It is important if you have a lot of outdoor activity to minimize the risk of UV exposure especially if you travel to the tropical countries.
When you first using Local Weather Forecast & Weather Widget, you need to go to the search feature and enter your city or town. Choose from the drop down menu if there are multiple locations with the same name. Now I can find out the weather at my location. Once you enter your location, we will show you the today’s weather update for that location until you go to the Location Management to change it. This is an important feature so that we don’t need to access your location and disturbs your privacy to show the weather at my location.
So, what are you waiting for? Our app is totally FREE to use! Download now and get all the information and forecast that you need to plan your day or travel.

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