shabell(シャベル) - キャリア相談アプリ

shabell(シャベル) - キャリア相談アプリ

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"You can support people who are giving up their dreams and those who are chasing their dreams" Career consultation app

At shabell, you can get advice that suits you and hear what you are interested in and want to know from professionals with all kinds of professions and backgrounds such as talents, athletes and lawyers.

◆ Recommended for people like this ◆
Those who consult
・ There is no one around me to talk to
・ I'm not sure if it's information on the internet or books. I want to hear a real voice.
・ I live in a rural area and there is no one around me to talk to.
Those who are consulted
・ I want to support the dreams of young people.

◆ You can consult with such a person ◆
・ YouTuber with 2.27 million subscribers (as of July 2021)
・ Stylist of famous artist
・ Former professional athlete
·manga artist
There are over 200 occupations.

▼ What you can do because shabell (consultant)
・ You can get the real intentions and specific advice of professionals in your favorite occupation.
・ Because it is a 1: 1 online call, you can feel at ease and consult what you want to hear.
・ Professionals in the type of job you admire are registered only for those who have passed strict examinations, so you can rest assured.
・ Since many professionals (each region and each occupation) are registered, you can get various advice and choose the person who suits you best.
・ You can get accurate feedback from the professionals you admire and discover your new self.

▼ What you can do because shabell (professional)
・ Your knowledge and experience will be useful without writing a book or blog.
・ After work or on holidays, a little gap time becomes money. You can decide the consultation fee yourself.
・ You can convey the wonder of the work to those who are aiming for your profession.
・ Because it is an online call, you can consult safely and securely.

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