Agronomist assistant. Handbook of pesticides and agrochemicals.



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The application contains structured information from the reference book of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation "State catalog of pesticides and agrochemicals" approved for use on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The reference book contains several sections: "Products", "Crops", "Pests", "Producers" and "DV" (active substances). Navigation through the sections is carried out by clicking on the corresponding icons of the main menu at the bottom. For ease of use, a search bar has been added to each section.
The "Products" section is designed to search for a drug by keywords and navigate through drug groups according to their purpose. The advanced search functionality is available for this section.
The "Cultures" section is intended for navigation through cultures and search for preparations by culture.
The "Pests" section is designed to navigate through pests and search for drugs by pest.
The "Manufacturer" section is intended for navigating by manufacturers and searching for drugs by manufacturer.
The "DV" section is intended for navigation through the active substances and the search for products by DV.

The data in the sections is displayed as groups. For example, in the "Pests" section, a list of pest groups is available to you. When you select the desired group, you go to the list of pests of this group. After choosing a pest, you go to the list of drugs used to combat it. On the page with reference information on the drug, there is a tab with properties and a tab with regulations for the use of the drug. Regulations are grouped by culture and pest.
You can always use the search within the section of the application that interests you.

The application can work offline, offline. In this case, only the help information downloaded earlier will be available to you.

The "HectaScout" application is under active development, improving usability is a priority.
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Справочник пестицидов и агрохимикатов.

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