Plastic Guide

Plastic Guide

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This app is replacing our previous material and processing apps with the same name and is intended to spread knowledge of thermoplastics and plastic processing.
There is a one-time fee of about 4 USD for downloading this app. Please, see what you get in the 6 minutes video: Plastic Guide demo

In the new Plastic Guide you will find 8 subjects:

1) Answer to “Why plastics?”

2) 32 of the most common plastic materials with:
* 4 typical applications incl. picture and text
* General descirption
* Biofacts
* Chemical facts
* Properties (Advantages/Limitations)
* Recycling facts
* Recommended processing parameters

3) A photo gallery of all 128 typical applications
for quick search

4) 20 different thermoplastic processing methods
 with videos:
* Injection molding (7 methods)
* Extrusion (8 methods incl. film bowing)
* Other processing methods
* A trouble shooting guide with description and solution of 37 common problems

5) Modification of plastics (6 common additives)

6) 6 common thermoplastic testing methods with videos

7) More than 100 polymer abbreviations

8) More than 700 trade names with internet links to the producers

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