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iSente: Safe and reliable loan

Credit Card is not needed when you take the loan from iSente.

iSente: Safe and reliable loan

iSente: Safe and reliable loan APK

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iSente: Safe and reliable loan Android app
This app developed by isente
stars (Review)4.3 (5471)
Update Date17 Sep, 2022
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You can get an online personal loan where your money is being sent to your wallet account. Registrating and taking the loan is generally conducted online.
Credit Card is not needed when you take the loan from iSente.

The simple iSente App provides the following products: amount: Ugx90,000 - Ugx 600,000
2. Loan period: More than 90 days while the longest time is 365 days
3. APR : Minimum12% to Maximum 50%
4. Loan request: Need to be at least 18 years old or above
5. Interest fee: 0%
6. Uganda Citizenship aged between 20 to 60.

EXAMPLE: If your Loan principal is UGX160,000. Payment period is 180days, and the APR is 50%; The total Service fee should be UGX160,000 * 50%(APR)/2 = UGX40,000. And the total repayment amount should be 160,000+160,000*50%/2=UGX200,000

Repayment Example:
If you choose to make a one-time repayment, then you will make a one-time repayment of UGX200,000 after 180 days.
If you choose to make monthly repayments, your monthly repayment amount will be UGX200,000/6 = UGX33,333.33

Fee Details:
Loan principal: UGX160,000 (180 days)
Loan fee(total fee of the loan): UGX40,000(=UGX160,000 * 50%(APR)/2)
Total amount payable: UGX200,000(=160,000+160,000*50%/2)
APR: 50%

Are you looking for simple loan app in Uganda? The answer is there! iSente will be able to get and cheap loans. You do not have to pre-pay, marry or visit any office. What you need is to convince iSente App of Install to your phone, fill out a few full questions and then the loan Command. Your files will be sent directly to your account. It's very reliable to find the loan here in iSente.
How iSente works.
1. Please register with your phone number.
2. fill some information.
3. You should receive permission and then restore money.
4. Pay your loan on time to increase your loan level to Ugx 600,000.

1. Taking the loan is being made totally online
2. Nobody comes or threatens right anywhere.
3. Your money are sent to your account.
The reasons for making iSente is better.
Private loans in the bank take longer, efforts to register and visit the bank often before the Conference is approved. But when you take the loan from the iSente personal cup App, Your files are sent to your account. You can also use this App anywhere according to your needs.

Why do you take a personal loan from iSente?
1. You get whatever you need, while you need, for your business, your community or your future life. It could be a gift of your beloved, or an emergency for your beloved treatment. Different situations and opportunities do not come and information is why iSente is standing here all the time.
2. Once you take the easy iSente Private loan and pay for the regular amount, you can improve your credit. This will make it possible to get higher levels from iSente or other corporations.

Difference and diversity.
iSente confirms your identity and evaluates your apps by getting your full legal names, identity number, phone number and data from your telephone phone including SMS, phone, GPS and other information from your device. We need your differences when you register so that we can get this data. Remember iSente takes your secret messages very carefully. Your data are hidden and cannot be shared anywhere or anyone or sold without your permission.
For complaints, please contact us through the email address: [email protected] Phone: +256770775178 and for support or help please contact our customer service email: [email protected] Phone: +256770757285, WhatsApp: +256756045159
Office: Dundas Rd, Kampala, UG

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