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The ultimate app for your regular expenses.

SubX - Subscription manager

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SubX is the ultimate app for all your regular expenses and subscriptions. Having so many services opting for a subscription model these days, you can easily end up with quite a lot of recurrent bills every month.

SubX can help you manage and track these expenses. You simply add your subscription, you can choose from our list of service templates or add a custom one, and SubX will remind you your next bills. You will even receive notifications in case your service is raising prices!

Once you added all your recurrent expenses, SubX will provide you an advance overview of your balances that will help you save money and time. Use our reports to understand where is your money going every month. And check also our advices with quick tips that will help you optimize your budget.


Hundreds of service templates

The most popular services are on SubX! Just select yours, your region and your plan. Your subscription will be added to your list. You don’t need to worry about anything else. We constantly verify the prices in your region and if your service price is raising we will notify you in advance informing you the new price and when it will happen.
SubX also supports discounts for plans! Our advanced billing cycle system will calculate your next bills no matter how complex they are.

Everything you need to manage your subscriptions

Sort your subscriptions by region or currency, filter by label, add payment methods and choose when you want to get notified.

Bill planner with calendar

Keep track of your bills and find out when they are due. Understand how the billing cycle of your subscription works and check relevant dates of your services like sign up dates, end of discounts, cancellation dates or end of services. Use our calendar to clearly see when your bills are due.


Check your balances and subscriptions at a glance. Add recurrent incomes to create a budget and use our powerful charts to track your expenses.


Get useful advices and save money every month. SubX will help you lowering your bills!

Region score

Get your region score and compare it with other users in your region. This value will give you an idea of how much are your spendings compared to other users in your area. Use our advices to lower your bills and increase your region score!


Real-time currency conversion - Multi-currency support
Advanced billing cycle system - Custom billing cycles, billing policies, cancellation policies, prorated prices
Discount notifications - Get notified of new discounts on your favourite subscriptions
Cloud synchronization - Never miss your personal data again with our real-time cloud syncing


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