Fairy Tales and Fantasy kids bedtime stories for a calm and relaxed night sleep

Sleep For Kids by Elaine Martin

Sleep For Kids by Elaine Martin

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There is no sight as soothing as your child enjoying a peaceful sleep after a day of running around and wreaking havoc all day. A relaxed sleep provides a regenerative and meditative experience for your kids and gives you a much needed break from the roller coaster ride that raising a child is.
Sleep for Kids is an app targeted at children with the aim of lulling your kids in to a calm, peaceful and meditative sleep. The app has been designed based on psychological principles, taking into account the experience and expertise of Elaine Martin, a renowned psychotherapist. The app provides a multitude of stories based on fairy tales and fantasy stories of old and educational stories. There are enough unique stories to never let your kid get bored. Each night the bedtime stories have an effect of calm, peace and relaxation.

A unique feature of the app is it’s personalisation. Often your kids are the heroes in stories. Each story is personalised in a way to create a fantasy world that revolves around your kid. Based on extensive research, the app includes calm melodies that help put a person to sleep, especially kids. This calm sleep and slumber provides relaxation that kids deserve. The kindness and love soothing out of the stories has a therapeutic affect and leave a lasting impression on the kids. Regularly updated in 2021, the app has stood the test of time and continues to provide a worthwhile experience in 2021.
The quality of sleep heavily depends on the manner one falls asleep in. Therefore, it is important to be able to put the child to sleep in a calm, peaceful manner. Since time immemorial parents have put their kids to sleep by telling bedtime stories. Stories about fantasy creatures and fantasy lands. As the child dreams of lands he has yet to see and people he has yet to meet, he falls into a peaceful slumber that calms his nerves and restores his batteries. These fairytale stories have proven to be very useful in not only putting the kids to bed, but also in their mental growth.

While many people lost sleep, your kid can still get it, full of peace, triggered by fairy tales and fantasy lands that are present in abundance in the Sleep for Kids app. This exercise of inducing peaceful sleep helps reduce anxiety, depression and fear in kids. The fear and chaos of the pandemic can now be forgotten in the lull of peaceful stories.
The app has fast grown in popularity among people who have had trouble putting their kids to sleep. Parents have also reported reduction in fear, a boost in confidence and an increased ability of communicating ideas and stories of their own. All because of an app that helps kids get a peaceful sleep by listening to fairy tales and bedtime stories they all love.

Why “Sleep for Kids”?

Colourful graphics, appealing to kids
Specially designed for kids
Stories about many different topics
Calm and soothing effect
Iterations and reinforcement guarantee a relaxed sleep
Growing popularity in 2021
Free 7-day trial
New fairy tales and fantasy stories updated regularly

Sleep for Kids is the brainchild of Elaine Martin, a practicing Psychotherapist who lives in Brisbane Australia. Elaine has been recognised by receiving the Best Hypnotherapist Award two years consecutively and also her work and expertise have been highlighted on BBC Radio 4 and on her impressive following on Youtube which supports over 26,000 subscribers. Internationally recognised and acclaimed for her work, her stories have touched the lives of children around the world including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Website: www.sleepforkids.app
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