Yuanfu "Mobile Master" provides a smooth operation interface, rich domestic and foreign stock futures and foreign exchange market quotation information, intuitive and fast ordering process, real-time accounting and historical profit and loss information, allowing you to grasp the market pulse anytime, anywhere, and become the investment industry's action talent

元富證券 行動達人

元富證券 行動達人 This app developed by 元富證券


Yuanfu Securities launched a new generation of GPhone mobile order software "Mobile Master". "Mobile Master" has the smoothest operation interface, integrates and enriches domestic and foreign stock futures and foreign exchange market quotations, more intuitive and fast order placement process, and real-time accounting With historical profit and loss information, you can quickly grasp the market pulse in action anytime, anywhere, and become an action expert in the investment industry.

Features of "Action Master":
1. Securities, futures, rights, counters, overseas futures, Hong Kong and U.S. stock markets, all-round view and order placement
2. Cloud accounting to grasp real-time profit and loss
3. Stock borrowing and stock borrowing
4. Exclusive quick order setting is the most convenient
4. Quick switch of technical analysis line graph
5. Detailed and complete post-market analysis data
6. The Warrants Trading Zone is the most powerful market
7. Rich quotes on international stock exchange market
8. e Counter opening and signing are free of the counter
9. Smart stock selection, Smart investment is a good helper

"Action Master" function:
-Yuanfu Homepage: All functions are quick and easy to choose at a glance.
-Optional quotation: Support voice quotation, single, double page and switch horizontal display function.
-Trading functions: securities, futures, options, counter orders, stock purchases, overseas futures and foreign securities.
-Cloud accounting: provide the most accurate and real-time accounting information of certificates, periods and rights, such as unrealized profits and losses, realized profits and losses on the day, offsetting profits and losses on the day,
History has realized functions such as profit and loss.
-International Finance: Provide quotations of major global stock market indexes, international currency markets, and selected US stocks
-Technical analysis: Support 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, daily, weekly, monthly line charts, touch indicators to switch technical indicators such as volume, KD, RSI, MACD, PSY, and switch horizontal Set display.
-Warrant information: You can search for warrant targets based on "issuing brokers" and "spot targets". In addition, it provides the functions of popular ranking of warrants, custom screening conditions, and trial calculation of warrants.
-After-hours information: inquire about real-time financial news and complete after-hours information at any time, so that you have first-hand important information.
-Stocks God Winner: Provides "decision-making stock selection" and "financial stock selection" real-time stock selection functions.
-Customized functions: exclusive order box transaction setting, quotation column sorting, background logout time... etc.
-Petty bourgeoisie odd shares: small deposits, accumulate more
- E counter: online account opening, signing, the service is not closed, easy e-pointing
-Smart stock picking: stock picking and not market picking, both long and short positions can take advantage of the trend

-The information sources of this service (including but not limited to) Taiwan Stock Exchange, Taiwan Futures Exchange, OTC. The content of this service is only to provide information services. This service does not bear any responsibility for the correctness and applicability of all information transmitted through this service, does not guarantee the accuracy of all information, and any inaccuracies or omissions caused by any No compensation is liable for losses.
-All the information provided by this service and any related functions are for the purpose of providing information, not for trading or investment purposes. The information obtained through this service is for reference only, not for your users’ investment and trading recommendations, based on the previous open data Any transaction or investment decision, your users are responsible for their own risk and profit and loss, and this service is not responsible for any.
-This service does not guarantee that the service is error-free and uninterrupted. If there is a transmission interruption or malfunction of this service, which causes inconvenience or unavailability, loss of data, errors, tampering with others, or other economic losses to your users, this service will not be liable for any compensation.



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