Beautiful and customizable Hybrid Watch Face designed by Matteo Dini MD

MD216 - Modern Hybrid watch face Matteo Dini MD

MD216 - Modern Hybrid watch face Matteo Dini MD

if you see message "Your devices are not compatible", use Play Store on WEB browser from PC / Laptop instead of app on phone.

The MD216 is a Hybrid Watch face for Wear OS by Matteo Dini MD.

It contains 3 Preset App shortcuts, 3 customizable shortcuts, 1 customizable field, steps, heart rate, changeable colors and more..

Please NOTE:

Make sure you have enabled all permissions from settings -> applications.
This watch face was developed with Samsung's new "Watch Face Studio" tool for devices based on the new Wear Os Google / One UI Samsung operating system like Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.
Being new software, there may be some functionality issues initially.

Please write to [email protected] for any questions.

Watch face features:

- 12/24hr based on phone settings
- Date
- BPM Heart Rate
- Steps
- 1 Customizable field
- Battery
- Daily Goals (steps set to 8500)
- 3 Preset App Shortcuts
- 3 customizable shortcuts
- Always ON Display supported with changeable colors
- Changeable Background
- Changeable Hands
- Changeable LCD colors
- Changeable Font colors


1 - Touch and hold display
2 - Tap on customize option

Watch face preset APP Shortcuts:

- Measure Heart Rate
- Calendar
- Battery status

Customizable fields:

you can customize the field with the any data you want.
For example, you can select weather, time zone, sunset/sunrise, barometer, next appointment and more.

*some features may not be available on some watches.

Heart rate:

Heart rate is automatically measured every 10 minutes.
Please make sure that the screen is turned on and that the watch is worn correctly on the wrist.

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2nd public release of MD216 for Wear OS by Matteo Dini MD.
Bug fixes.

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