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My Memo - Simple Design Memo

My Memo is full of screen, backup, read mode, 9 fonts, lock screen.

My Memo - Simple Design Memo

My Memo - Simple Design Memo APK

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My Memo - Simple Design Memo Android app
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Update DateNov 24, 2022
Package Namecom.yeeseong.memo
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1. My notepad has a neat and simple design.

2. Notepad's first screen function so that you don't forget.

3. Automatic storage to prevent data from being blown away

4. Backup for sharing and archiving valuable data

5. Bring a variety of different vibes with 9 fonts.

6. Read mode so that it is not accidentally erased while reading

7. Are you worried that someone might steal it? Locking function

a notebook that is faithful to the basics

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