Skimming byte app No.1 "Timee" You can work immediately and get money immediately. No need for an interview or resume.

スキマバイトはタイミー /お金がすぐにもらえる

スキマバイトはタイミー /お金がすぐにもらえる

3.4.0 This app developed by Timee, inc.


Skimming byte app No.1 "Timee"

Timee is the No. 1 gap byte app in the cumulative number of job offers (* 1), cumulative number of companies that have introduced it (* 1), and number of app downloads (* 2).
You can work immediately in the gap time and get money immediately! No need for an interview or resume!
In the gap time between lectures.
For irregular schedules of job hunting and job hunting activities.
When your main business is off and you want to earn some pocket money.
It's a perfect skimmer app for anyone!

(* 1) Survey method: Desk research and hearing survey
Survey period: February 8-22, 2021
Survey outline: Survey of the actual situation of the skimmer byte application service
Survey target: 10 services of skimmer byte apps that are in service by December 2020
Survey conducted: Shoppers Eye Co., Ltd.

(* 2) Source: App Store Lifestyle Category Ranking (as of December 2019)

▽ ▼ Timee is such a gap byte app ▼ ▽
"Timee" is a skimmer byte app that allows you to work on a daily basis and get money immediately.
No interviews or resumes required!
It is available nationwide and can be used anywhere!
You can get money on the shortest day, so even if you run out of money suddenly, it's okay!
You can work part-time with just one tap, so let's make money and make effective use of your free time ♪
You can also work part-time with your friends!
Make as much money as you want when you want to work!

■ How to use

● Open the app and find a job!
You can find a job that suits you because the place of work and compensation are listed for each job.

● Check your belongings and conditions for working!
Your belongings and working conditions are different for each job, so make sure to check them carefully before proceeding to the next step!

● Register your ID and press the contract button!
You can work immediately without an interview, but the risk on the part of the recruiting company increases accordingly. .. ..
Therefore, we ask for your cooperation in uploading the ID of working customers.
You can easily do it with a driver's license, so if you can confirm it, press the application button!

● Contract completed! All you have to do is exchange messages with the company and go to work on the day!
Let's go directly to the store on the day with the belongings we confirmed earlier!
The shop staff will kindly welcome you.

■ Features

● First come, first served system without any interviews!
Select the job you want to work and press the application button to match immediately!
Unlike the conventional dispatched part-time job, we have an interview and wait for hiring ...
There is no such trouble, and you can get a one-time part-time job immediately when you want to work!
It is a bite app that is also recommended for people who have not been able to do a one-shot bite due to the shift being cut off.

● You can get money immediately after working!
You don't have to wait until the payday because you can get the reward during the day at the earliest after you finish working!
This is a part-time job app that is perfect for people who say, "The income of a part-time job is not enough! I want money now!" Or "I want to start something as a side job."

● Rest assured that there are reviews and ratings!
There are reviews and ratings from people who have worked in the past, so you can work with peace of mind by looking at the comments even at shops you have never been to!

● Not only shops but also office work!
Even people who have high hurdles for internships are safe! You can think about planning and help with practical work with working people as much as you can!

■ How to use Timee

1. 1. First of all, it's easy! Profile registration

2. Specify the date you want to work for a short term with the app

3. 3. Select the one you like from the apps on the app! Check your skills and belongings before pressing the application button!

4. On the day, go directly to your place of employment. Employees will welcome you kindly.

■ User base

There are many college students, part-time workers, and housewives who are part-time workers.

College students use it when sudden cancellations or shifts to part-time jobs have been cut off.

80% of the workers are college students.

■ Occupations that can work at Timee


・ Izakaya


・ Sorting and packing

・ Light work ・ Warehouse staff

・ Event staff

・ Cruising staff

・ Monitor business

・ Intern

・ Handbill distribution

・ Office work

■ Future development

We will create a mechanism that visualizes credit so that the rewards of highly evaluated people will increase, and a function that allows you to work in the gap time of your trip.

■ Timee official account and HP


・ Timee Senshu [Official] (@Timee_fan)

・ Timee [Official] (@Timee_official)


Try searching for "Timee"

[Timee is recommended for people like this]

・ I haven't worked for a long time and am looking for a part-time job.

・ I want to work part-time at a different place for each work

・ I want to work part-time at any time I like

・ I want to make effective use of my free time

・ I want to earn pocket money with a part-time job

・ Not enough money

・ I want to work as a part-time worker who pays daily or is hired daily

・ I'm a college student and want to work part-time with my friends

・ I want to decide where to work for the first time as a college student, so I want to install a part-time job application and search for a part-time job.

・ I need money now

・ I want to experience various part-time jobs

・ I am not satisfied with the current shift amount and want to start a part-time job.

・ The shift has been cut off with the current bite, and the fixed bite alone is not enough to shift.

・ I want to find a fun part-time job

・ I'm looking for a part-time job, but I can't find it easily


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